Quetta Shura Taliban Leader Killed in Faryab


Shekh Wali, a Taliban local leader and member of the Quetta Shura of Pakistan has been killed in a clash with security forces in Faryab.

Abdul Satar Barez, acting governor of Faryab says hundreds of Taliban insurgents attacked Maymana, the capital of Faryab, from four different angles on Sunday evening and “wanted to take control of the city but security forces drove them out.”

“The security forces drove insurgents out after 11 hours of clashes in which 23 Taliban insurgents including the Taliban’s shadow governor and member of Quetta Shura of Pakistan was killed,” he said.

In addition, 13 other insurgents were injured in the clashes.

Barez believes that this attack was organized in Pakistan and Shekh Wali led the offensive in the province.

“Our investigations show that the battle was planned in Pakistan and Shekh Wali led it. He was also a member of Quetta Shura of Pakistan and he was killed in the attack,” he added.

Meanwhile, security head of Faryab, Barialay Parwani says that “the situation is back to normal in Maymana and the people are going to work and the government employees are in their offices.”

This comes after local jihadi leaders announced their support for the security forces on Sunday after the attack by the insurgents.

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