Qurban Haqjo Appointed as New AISA Head

President Ashraf Ghani has appointed Mohammad Qurban Haqjo as the new head of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) after two months of delay followed by mounting criticisms by the traders and economists.

Haqjo, who was the former head of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), was selected out of five candidates introduced to Ghani, according to a formal document received by TOLOnews which shows approval of his appointment by Ghani.

The other candidates for the post were Motasil Komaki, Reza Farzam, Abdul Walid Tamim and Abdul Bari Jalalzai.

AISA is the country’s only organization that issues licenses to investors and focuses on supporting investments.

The leadership vacuum at AISA and the ensuing backup in licensing has already begun to cause problems among factory owners.

The economic experts had warned that further delay in appointment of AISA’s head could result in more capital flight and diminished investment.

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