RECCA Deemed Highly Important For Afghanistan


A number of analysts discussed details of Afghanistan’s economic plans and projects at a gathering in Kabul on Thursday on the sidelines of the 6th Regional Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA).

“The gathering was aimed at practicing the decisions made by ministers in RECCA,” head of Strategic Studies Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Faramarz Tamana told TOLOnews.

“Researchers and scholars, who are attending RECCA from different countries, will share their ideas about economic cooperation, economic projects in Afghanistan and the economic plans for the country. The results of the studies will be handed over to the Afghan government,” he added.

The Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Daud Shah Sabah said all important economic issues will be discussed at the summit.

“From trade to energy – power and fuel – to multilateral economic agreements and the Silk Road are the main issues that will be talked about at the RECCA summit,” he said.

Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan, Mahmoud Saiqal termed the RECCA summit as highly important for Afghanistan, and said: “The process will help strengthen coordination among different players in the region – particularly about Afghanistan.”

He added: “Afghanistan’s big projects need coordination. For instance the TAPI pipeline project.”

It is believed that Afghanistan is in need of regional economic cooperation more than at any other time, and the summit seems to be a good opportunity in this regard, analysts said.

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