Resolute Support Commander Visits Kunduz

Resolute Support Commander Gen. John W. Nicholson visited the provincial governor of Kunduz, Assadullah Omarkhil, on Tuesday where he discussed the mission’s commitment to the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF).

Nicholson was joined by acting Minister of Defense Mohammad Masoom Stanikzai and acting Afghan Minister of Interior Taj Mohammad Jahid.

Nicholson and Omarkhil discussed Resolute Support’s commitment to the ANDSF as they prepare for the upcoming spring offensive. Nicholson also emphasized that Resolute Support remains committed to the safety and security of the people of Kunduz and Afghanistan.

In a statement, Nicholson said: “You may have heard that the Taliban want to take Kunduz again – they will not.”

“The Taliban want you to think that your government and the coalition will abandon you — we will not. The Taliban think that by posing threats to you, the brave people of Afghanistan, that you will surrender to them – you will not.”

Additionally, Nicholson met with representatives of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), family members of victims, and leaders of the Kunduz community where he expressed his condolences to those affected by the hospital strike that occurred on October 3 last year.

“As commander, I wanted to come to Kunduz personally and stand before the families, and people of Kunduz, to deeply apologize for the events which destroyed the hospital and caused the deaths of the hospital staff, patients and family members. I grieve with you for your loss and suffering; and humbly and respectfully ask for your forgiveness.”

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