Rift Between NUG Leaders Affecting Security, Economy: Mohaqiq


The Afghan CEO’s second deputy Mohammad Mohaqiq Saturday said that the national unity government (NUG) agreement must be implemented and urged President Ashraf Ghani and his CEO Abdullah Abdullah to end their rift.

In an interview with TOLOnews, Mohaqiq said that the tension between the two leaders has added more challenges to the current problems.

Meanwhile, a number of political commentators have said that Ghani and Abdullah are working for their own pockets and not for the benefit of national interests.

“A department needs to have its own authority. If someone is appointed as minister, he needs to have the authority of a minister. A director needs to have the authority of a director. The political rifts are affecting security and economic issues,” Mohaqiq said.

But Abdul Majid Oqchon, deputy head of the High Peace Council, said that the rifts between the leaders are serious.

“The NUG leaders should resolve their problems in a friendly way. They need to focus on our soldiers in all parts of the country. The soldiers do not have bread, weapons and ammunition and are surrounded by insurgents,” said Oqchon.

In addition, the Council for the Protection and Stability of Afghanistan said that the distrust between Ghani and Abdullah goes much deeper than what people can imagine.

“Abdullah is busy maintaining his own political allies’ interests. President Ghani, also with a team, is busy monopolizing power,” Massoud Trushtwal, spokesman for the council of protection and stability said.

The NUG leaders have met three times to solve their disagreements, but have not yet resolved their issues.
The tension boiled over when Abdullah accused Ghani a few weeks back of monopolizing power.

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