Rights Activists March to Demand Peace, Justice

Civil rights activists marched in Kabul on Thursday, calling on government to come up with more inclusive measures to bring peace and security to the country.

Protestors, chanted slogans and sang songs in a bid to promote peace in front of the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) offices where they also renamed the street “Tolerance Road”.

“All Afghans living in this country want peace and are eager to contribute towards peace,” one civil society activist Giso Yari said at Thursday’s demonstration.

“Thirty-five years have passed since the country started burning in war. The entire population is tired of war and wants peace and security to be restored,” rights activist Parwiz said.

Protestors marched along Dehbori Road to the MoHE under tight security.

“We also march to express our hatred over ethnic discrimination,” civil society activist Massouma Hashemi said.

“We want to raise the voice of peace in Afghanistan, peace is not a dream, it is a reality and applicable,” another activist Niamatullah said.

The protestors, carrying placards denouncing issues such as violence, insecurity, hatred, war and discrimination, asked the government to take strong measures and do more to establish sustainable peace and security in the country.

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