Rise In Crime Irks Kabulies


Kabul residents expressed their deep concern over the increase in crime, particularly murders and robberies, in the capital.

They said that going out at night has become dangerous. They accused Kabul police of negligence in the fight against crime.

“You cannot go out at night, if you do so thieves will stop you and take all what you have,” said Sayed Agha, a resident of Kabul city.

Najib, another Kabul resident, urged the government to ensure security of the people, so that they will feel safe.

However, police said that crime in Kabul city has decreased over the past five months.

“We are saying confidently and based on documents that crime has decreased in the past five months,” said Fraidoon Obaidi, chief of the criminal investigation department of Kabul police headquarters.

He added that there was a 15 percent drop in crime over the past 11 months of this solar year, compared to 11 months of the past year.

In a recent incident, a woman sustained injuries when she was attacked by unknown gunmen in the 11th district of Kabul city. However, Kabul police said that domestic violence led to the incident.

“The woman was attacked by her son-in-law and her injuries are not serious,” said Obaidi.

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