Roads to Six Paktia Districts Blocked

highway- Afghanistan

Roads of six districts in eastern Paktia province have been blocked by the Taliban, leaving the residents in huge trouble, said officials on Saturday.

Operation is underway to open the roads, Police Chief of Paktia Zulmai Oryakhail said, adding that the insurgents were firing at forces from the areas in their control.

According to local officials, the Taliban insurgents have blasted parts of a mountain in Tanga-Showat area, blocking roads to Janikhel, Lazha Ahmadkhel, Dand Aw Patan, Lazha Mangal, Chamkani and Zazi districts.

Meanwhile, Zurmat district governor said Taliban also blocked the district’s road to Gardez, the provincial capital, on Friday night.

Taliban have warned the residents to stay at their homes, he added.

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