Rocket Attack Targets Girls School In Kabul


Insurgents, who fired off a number of rockets, targeted a girls school in Kabul city just hours after the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, wrapped up a joint press conference with President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday night.

The Ministry of Education would not however allow the media access to the school on Sunday but footage in TOLOnews’ possession shows that principal’s office at the Aisha-e-Durani High School was destroyed in the attack.

“Education institutions are civilian facilities and they should not be attacked. That’s why, we urge all warring parties to recognize schools as civilian facilities,” said Mujib Mehrdad, spokesman for the Ministry of Education.
The incident has also shocked Kabul residents.

“Schools are sacred places and more effort should be made to ensure their security. Schools should be a peaceful environment, so that students will have peace of mind,” said Neda Mohammad, a resident of Kabul city.

“They [militants] attack schools, because they are against education. They don’t want the country to have schools, to have law and to have knowledge,” said Mosleh, another resident.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) meanwhile said that new measures will be put in place to ensure better security in Kabul city.

Najib Danish, the deputy spokesman for the MoI, said they have decided to strengthen Kabul city’s security belt and to strengthen intelligence organizations in the city.

According to reports a rocket also landed near the Presidential Palace on Saturday night. The MoI however rejected this report.


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