Roshan Renews Commitment to Support Afghan Premier League

During a meeting with top Afghan football officials on Thursday, representatives of the Roshan telecommunication company announced plans to continue providing primary sponsorship for the Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) for another three years.

“Roshan’s support of the RAPL truly indicates our long-term commitment to longstanding development, national unity and toward developing the abilities of the youth,” Roshan spokesman Shireen Rahmani said. “Roshan, as the leading telecommunication company in Afghanistan, is proud to support the Afghan premier league.”

Afghan Football Federation (AFF) Chair Kiramuddin Karim has said that the RAPL is committed to conducting the premier league’s matches in according with FIFA standards within the next five years.

“We hope to become self-reliant in our premier league matches in nine years time financially, and technically, so that we are able to conduct the matches in all eight zones and establish stadiums for competitions,” Chairman Karim said.

Meanwhile, RAPL Commissioner Shafiq Gawhari has promised further improvements in the league’s professionalism. “One of the constructive criticisms was that coaches do not have sufficient time to accompany the players and train them. Last year coaches stayed in Kabul for two weeks and accompanied the teams,” Gawhari said. “But this year they are expected to come in Kabul after Eid-ul-Fitr and will stay for four and half a weeks with the teams.”

On August 13, the teams representing the eight zones of Afghanistan will gather in Kabul to start the four week season.

The RAPL launched in 2012. After three seasons, the Toofan-e-Harirod team has won two league titles and Shaheen Asmayee has won one.

All RAPL matches this season will be conducted in the AFF stadium in Kabul and will be telecast live by TOLO and Lemar TV, as well as broadcasted on radio by Arakozia and Arman FM.

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