Russia Increases Focus On Afghan-Central Asia Borders

As insecurity increases in northern Afghanistan, Russian forces have beefed up forces along the bordering areas between Afghanistan and Central Asian countries.

TOLOnews reporter Nematullah Ahmadi said that Russian and Tajik security forces have closed the cross-border market between Afghanistan and Tajikistan and Russian forces are monitoring the border due to insecurity concerns.

Tajik officials meanwhile believe that they are sure Russia will support them if needed as they are one of their closest allies.

Governor of Badakhshan province in Tajikistan Shadi Jamshid Khan said: “Considering the fact that Russia is one of the closest friends of Tajikistan; it will definitely defend Tajik soil. No doubt.”

Analysts from Tajikistan who are concerned about the ongoing war in Afghanistan, say that Tajikistan can help Afghanistan in cultural and economic fields.

“Tajikistan can help Afghanistan through several ways and under the international agreements as well as the agreements which have been signed between the two countries,” said Ismail Rahmatzada, a Tajik analyst in political affairs.

But the rising border tension comes after insecurity has dramatically increased in northern provinces – especially Kunduz, which is one of the bordering provinces with Tajikistan, in recent months.

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