Russia Ready to Respond Afghanistan's Request for Military Help

Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Alexander Mantytskiy, declared Tuesday that Moscow is ready to respond to Afghanistan’s request for military help.

Mantytskiy insisted however at a press conference in Kabul that the Afghan government should clearly identify what type of military help it needs.

He told journalists that Russia is ready to help Afghanistan in eliminating Daesh and other militant groups in the country.

Besides counter-terrorism, Mantytskiy said his country will also help boost Afghanistan’s economy.

According to the Ambassador, Russia has so far helped 63 helicopters to Afghan forces.

Questioning NATO’s efficiency in Afghanistan, he stated that despite 14 years of struggle by the coalition forces, the country is still not secure.

Touching on Russian air strikes against Daesh in Syria, Mantytskiy said Moscow has caused extensive damage to the extremist group, which has also emerged in Afghanistan.

He expressed that Russia wants a political solution to the ongoing crises in Syria.

His statements came after the Afghan government reportedly requested Russia for military help – a move recently criticized by a number of Afghan senators.

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