Saeedi Blames 'Fifth Pillar' For Attack

seadi 25NOV

Political analyst Ahmad Saeedi who survived an assassination attempt on Tuesday evening urged government to track down the perpetrators and bring them to book. But at the same time he blamed the so-called ‘fifth pillar’ for being involved.

Speaking to TOLOnews, Saeedi blamed what he called was the ‘fifth pillar’ within government for the attack, adding that “I was attacked neither by Taliban nor by al-Qaida; I have been attacked by the ‘fifth pillar’ and the government should explain this.”

He said that government officials have asked him to go abroad for treatment but he has not accepted this.

“I will not go abroad for treatment. I have told them if I die they must bury me alongside army and police martyrs,” he added.

Doctors at Kabul’s Emergency Hospital said although Saeedi had been shot in the head twice, he survived and is in a stable condition.

“The wounds are in his head but it has not damaged his brain. He is in a good condition,” said Nkila Radili, a coordinator at the hospital.

“There were two bullets in his head. We took one of them out and the operation was successful.”

The Interior Ministry meanwhile said that it has started investigations into the incident.

“We started investigations straight away and we have a number of leads. The motive does still need to be established,” said Sediq Sediqqi, the Interior Ministry spokesman.


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