Sayyaf Believes Terror Attacks Plotted in Kabul


Former Jihadi leader Abdul Rassoul Sayyaf on Sunday said he believes terror attacks carried out in Afghanistan are being plotted from centers within Kabul city.

Speaking at a ceremony commemorating the fourth anniversary of the assassination of former president Burhanuddin Rabbani, he claimed that the centers are located in the Afghan capital and that he can prove it.

“The terrorist attacks that kill our women, children, youth and elderly citizens are being carried out from centers based in Kabul city,” Sayyaf said.

Sayyaf’s anti-Taliban declarations that the insurgents are the slaves of foreigners were also widely welcomed.

Meanwhile, referring to the spies within government – which is lately referred to as the fifth pillar – he said that the enemies of Afghanistan are found within government ranks.

“As long as we don’t remove the enemies from our own ranks, we will face serious threats,” he warned.

He also noted that a number of “criminals and slaves” are in possession of a lot of weapons in Kabul. He warned that such groups can raise their weapons at any time against the government.

Touching on the newly emerged group – Daesh – Sayyaf said such elements are only appointed as slaves and show a bleak image of Islam.

This comes after Sayyaf’s recent call for Jihad against the Taliban.

Speaking at an event earlier this month – marking Martyrs Week and Ahmad Shah Massoud’s 14th anniversary of his death – Sayyaf called the Taliban’s war un-Islamic and illegal.

“I want them to free themselves of slavery. If they have any objections, they should share it with us. They should not take commands from others,” Sayyaf said at the time.

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