Sayyaf Calls For Political Integrity To Be Protected In Peace Process


Former Jihadi figure Abdul Rasoul Sayyaf said Monday that Afghan Mujahideen support any attempt which can broker sustainable peace and bring an end to ongoing violence, but urged that Afghanistan’s political geography should not be undermined at any cost in the process.

“Territorial integrity and sovereignty are the redlines for peace negotiations. The Mujahideen support the negotiations to bring an end to the conflict and protect national sovereignty, territorial integrity and political geography,” he said.

Sayyaf said that the ongoing war in Afghanistan was not a war by Taliban or Daesh, reiterating calls to the Taliban not to be fooled by foreigners anymore.

Sayyaf renewed his call on government to allow the Mujahideen and the nation to defend their territorial integrity.

“This battle is not the war of Taliban or Daesh, this is a foreign invasion. The people have the right to defend their sovereignty, people are prepared at all cost to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he added.

He said that the Taliban must denounce their slavery and avoid working for the foreigners and stop damaging their own country.

Sayyaf called on government to abide by its commitments regarding the electoral reforms and to take steps to implement reforms which can guarantee the election process in future.

“Government must announce a time line for the elections which is practical, necessary reforms must be put in place which can certify the transparency of the elections,” he said.

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