Sayyaf Warns Govt Against Sidelining Mujahedeen


Former jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf strongly criticized the Afghan government for side lining the Mujahedeen.

He also said their silence was not to be seen as a weakness.

Sayyaf also talked on Pakistan’s terrorism policy, announcing it as an axis of terrorism.

He warned that Pakistan will be on the top of the list of countries supporting terrorism in the near future.

He said that Pakistan uses the Taliban as a tool, calling on Taliban leaders to return to their country and join the peace and national reconciliation process.

“We have given a lot of suggestions to the system and advised it, we have completed our duty before Allah (God) and before the nation. They (government) should not say that we have isolated the Mujahedeen, this is a Mujahed nation, you (government) cannot sideline the Mujahedeen,” he said.

Sayyaf called on the United Nations to put Pakistan on the blacklist if it continues to harbor terrorism.

“Pakistan must remember soon it will be put in the list of countries supporting terrorism. If Pakistan continued its current policies, there are a lot of terror individuals, but soon terrorist countries will also be included in it, and Pakistan will be on the top of the list,” he further said.

Meanwhile members of The Council for The Protection and Stability in Afghanistan have said that the government must undertake necessary reforms so that public trust is revived in the system.

“We selected bad among the worst, now we must undertake reforms, serious reforms must be put in place to honor the aspirations of our martyrs,” council member Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal said.

Sayyaf concluded by saying that Pakistan use the Taliban as tools and that the Taliban must reject it and come back to their country.

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