Scientific Exhibition Held In Kandahar


An exhibition held in Kandahar over the past three days displayed the results of at least 170 scientific experiments which were carried out by school students in the province.

Participants of the exhibition, who brought their small innovations and discoveries for display, said Afghan schoolchildren are talented and should be provided with the opportunity to use their talents to make new discoveries and experiment.

“There are a number of children that are living in poor economic conditions but they try to use their talents in good things as they have shown today,” said a schoolboy who attended the exhibition.

“It was a big step for us, particularly for girls, because some of them are not allowed to go to school,” said a schoolgirl in Kandahar.

Meanwhile, a number of activists in Kandahar said the highlight of the exhibition was the participation of girls.

“It is a very good initiative. It is the first time that we see girls at such an event. Lots of girls schools have participated in this exhibition,” said human rights activist Maryam Durani.

It is said that it is the first scientific exhibition in Kandahar where hundreds of girls and boys from different schools participated.

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