Second-Hand Shops Mushroom In Kabul City


With tens of thousands of Afghans leaving the country, second-hand shops have mushroomed around Kabul city, as would-be migrants sell up their possessions.

But many people say that a lot of household goods being sold in these shops are also a result of the economic recession. They say that ordinary Afghans who have fallen on hard times are being forced to sell off possessions for money.

“Unemployment has also forced people to sell their household goods,” said Abdul Khaliq, the owner of one shop that sells used household items.

Ahmad Shah, another shopkeeper, said: “Around four to five months ago there was a rush and different items were being sold at different prices and the prices were fixed.”

The dream of going to Europe compelled many to sell their household items but as many return, they revisit the shops in the hope of buying back their possessions.

“Many people have returned from abroad and they come to these shops to collect the goods they sold,” said Farooq, another shop keeper.

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