Security Forces Hold Upper Hand Over Militants: Shahim


The Chief of Army Staff, Qadam Shah Shahim, said that despite receiving widespread support from Pakistan, the Taliban, Daesh and other militant groups are losing against security forces.

Talking to a joint press conference, he said that security forces have intensified their fight against insurgents.

He added that Pakistan has also increased its attacks on check posts of Afghan forces in bordering areas.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a good neighbor in our south. Pakistan’s military has been carrying out attacks on our border check posts in the east and they even used rockets and tanks on our check posts,” said Shahim.

Abdul Rahman Rahman, the Deputy Minister of Interior for Security Affairs, said that a large number of militants have been arrested and have been handed over to judicial organizations.

He meanwhile called on judicial organizations to adopt a strict stance against militants.

“We have a lot gains and we arrested a large number of criminals and have handed them over to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) after investigation. Our demand is that the new leadership of judicial organizations should act as required and should bring these individuals to justice,” he said.

Faizullah Zaki, the first deputy chairman of the National Security Council said that efforts are underway to attract international cooperation in the fight against insurgents.

“We are trying to attract more support from the international community and the countries’ engaged in peace talks and strict action will be taken against those who don’t want peace,” said Zaki.

Afghan security organizations believe that this will be a decisive year for Afghanistan, because the Taliban will be eliminated if they don’t come to the negotiation tables. ‎

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