Senate Team To Probe Kandahar Attack


Condemning the recent Taliban attack on the Kandahar Airport compound which left 54 dead, senators in the Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament) on Sunday assigned a team to probe the incident.

The senators said a serious assessment needs to be conducted into the attack and warned that there might be internal and external interferences into such a probe.

“A serious investigation is required in this regard. I think it is an internal problem and someone has a hand in it and it has happened with internal and external interference,” said Senator Hanafi.

“They [attackers] were given heavy weapons and fought for several hours.”

Another senator Rana Tarin hinted at casualties in the attack and said it was an attack against women.

“… children were killed in the attack. They [rebels] attacked women, and it is a big sorrow for Kandahar residents. The responsibility goes to the [security] forces at Kandahar Airport,” she said.

Other senators meanwhile questioned security measures at the airport and blamed a security lapse for the attack.

“Our concern is how the attackers entered the airport; did they enter with civilian or military clothes?” asked senator Rahmatullah Achakzai.

“With a majority of senators approving the move to establish a task team, the team will be sent to Kandahar for investigating the incident,” said Mohammad Alam Ezidyar, first deputy head of the house.

At least 14 attackers dressed in military uniforms attacked Kandahar Airport on Tuesday evening, leaving at least 54 people dead. The attack ended after 20 hours – once security forces had eliminated all insurgents.

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