Senior Officials Set To Go On Trial: AGO


The Anti-Corruption Judicial Center (ACJC) will hear the cases of senior officials who are accused of corruption – without any political interference, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) said on Tuesday.

“Considering the fact that we have the support of the Presidential Palace, the Chief Executive Office, the Ulema [Religious Scholars] Council and the people, we will assess any type of (corruption) case under the structure of our authorities,” AGO spokesman Jamshid Rasuli said.

Meanwhile, a number of MPs and analysts said the ACJC has not assessed big corruption cases as yet; therefore, they feel it is difficult for them to see this actually happening.

“Unfortunately, they started their activity from assessing small corruption cases. I think they are deceiving the people and they lack the capacity to assess big corruption cases,” said Tahir Hashemi, a university lecturer.

“The people will lose their trust in the ACJC if it failed to assess big corruption cases which involve millions of dollars,” said Farhad Sediqqi, an MP.

According to the AGO, almost 53 corruption cases have been forwarded to the ACJC, of which eight have been assessed.

The ACJC has been assigned to assess corruption cases which involve more than 10 million Afs, the AGO said.

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