Soft Policy of Previous Govt Main Reason for Taliban's Surge: Massoud


The president’s special representative for reforms and good governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud, has said the soft policy of the previous government towards the Taliban is the main reason behind the group’s recent surge in activity.

Massoud at a meeting with religious leaders and former mujahideen in Badakhshan province on Saturday said that insurgents should be eliminated. He said that taking a soft stance towards the Taliban is like paving the ground for Pakistan to implement its designs in Afghanistan.

“The only reason behind the expansion of the Taliban was the soft policy of the previous government and the lack of a strong resolve in the fight against the Taliban, as a terrorist group,” he added.

Meanwhile, people and elders from Badakhshan said that they will no longer trust in the promises of government officials. They called on the government to differentiate its friends from foes.

Sadullah Abu Aman, the chairman of Badakhshan provincial council, said that the incumbent government doesn’t have plans and programs for war.

“We are facing a destructive war that is destroying everything that we have,” said Hamdullah Daneshi, a former mujahideen.

Local officials in the province said that government should increase the number of troops in the province to defeat the Taliban militants.

They said that government should also support public uprisings in the province.

“Our police chief has called for around 2,000 troops to be deployed to districts in the province,” said Ahmad Faisal Begzad, the governor of Badakhshan. He added that local police should be deployed to areas where they are needed.

The meetings in Badakhshan are expected to take place with people for several days. The Taliban, last year, launched a massive attack in the province and inflicted heavy casualties on Afghan security troops.

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