Soldier Left Blind In Skirmish Calls For Govt's Support


Agha Mohammad, a former Border Police Force member, who lost the sight in both his eyes during a battle against insurgents in Baghlan four years ago, says his life today is one constant struggle.

He blames the interior ministry for not doing anything to help him.

“I fought against terrorists for five years, but no security organization has asked about my situation and my life after I lost the sight in my eyes in a conflict against militants in Dand-e-Ghori district in Baghlan,” he said.

Fawzia, Mohammad’s wife said that after her husband lost his sight, she started working in order to provide for their six-member family.

Mohammad’s relatives meanwhile criticized government for not doing anything to help the former border police force member, saying that he lost his sight while defending the country; therefore, he should be taken care of by relevant organizations.

Mohammad said they receive support from their relatives and friends, otherwise they would die of hunger.

“I am very sorry that I worked for a government that pays no attention to its soldiers and their future. I urge government not to forget security forces; instead, it should help them and their families,” he added.

He also said that he is ready to resume his duties if he receives treatment and regains his sight.

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