SOM Heralds New Era in Afghan-International Cooperation


The recently concluded twin conferences in Kabul – of the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA-VI) and the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) – has been hailed a milestone for Afghanistan in terms of securing assistance as government continues to pave the way to eventual self-sufficiency.

Analysts have said it appears the National Unity Government (NUG) satisfied the international delegates at both conferences and secured further assistance for the near future.

Delegates attending the SOM conference, pledged to continue assistance to Afghanistan until the war-ravaged country was self-reliant. Support has reportedly been pledged until 2030.

“International commitments to Afghanistan will continue until 2030. Continued international cooperation to Afghanistan conveys a clear message to boost regional cooperation. The other aspect of the message was for the neighbors of Afghanistan. The message was the world community will stand by Afghanistan and they [neighbors] should remember it,” said ministry of finance spokesman Mustafa Mastoor.

A political analyst Jawed Kohistani said: “The commitments pledged at the summit give new hope to the people and government – in that the international community will not sideline the people of Afghanistan and that Afghanistan is still a focal point of the international community.”

University professor Baz Mohammad Anwari said: “The National Unity Government should maintain international trust. This helps Afghanistan in the political and economic arena on an international level.”

Despite everything, Afghanistan has made sound progress over the past ten years. However, the country still faces a number of major challenges such as security threats, poverty, unemployment, economic problems and corruption.

Based on this, the Afghan government in turn made a number of commitments to the world community to address these issues.

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