Some TOLO Staff Still Critical


A number of TOLO TV staff injured in Wednesday’s suicide attack were on Friday still in critical condition in hospital.

Kabul Emergency Hospital doctors said that they are doing everything possible to help the victims.

But families of the victims have slammed the Taliban for the attack and said it is against Islamic values.

Abdul Hussain, 30, is one of the employees who was seriously injured in Wednesday’s suicide bombing and is in critical condition in the Emergency Hospital.

“Yesterday he become able to breathe by himself and we hope he will improve,” said a doctor.

Abdul Hussain’s father slammed the Taliban attack.

“It was an inhuman incident and those who are killing innocent people are not Muslim at all,” said Hussain’s father.

Hakim another TOLO TV employee who was seriously wounded on Wednesday also lashed out at the Taliban. He sustained a serious eye injury.

“My only concern is my left eye. My right eye is fine but my left eye is badly damaged,” said Hakim a TOLO TV employee.

Nazia Noori another TOLO TV staff member, who has been with the company for almost 10 years, was also seriously wounded in the attack.

“Its a few days that I just lying here in hospital. I get very impatient and sometime I yell,” said Nazia Noori.

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