Some TOLO TV Staffers, Who They Were


As family and friends mourn the deaths of TOLO TV staff members in the Taliban’s deadly attack earlier this week, we look at who some of them were.

Mariam Ibrahimi:

TOLO TV staffer Mariam Ibrahimi was a peace loving Afghan citizen who always tried to reflect the aspiration of the people for peace through her paintings. Although, the Taliban killed Mariam, her paintings still can be seen on walls of Afghan capital Kabul.

Besides working with TOLO TV, Mariam was also interested in social work. Her fans and friends say that Mariam also believed “peace is not a dream”. She wrote these words on walls of the capital city and painted the doves of peace on Kabul walls.

She was a great advocator of peace and painted several paintings on walls of military buildings and other areas in western of the capital to reflect the desire of the people to peace.

“Mariam tired her best and used her full strength to serve her people and chanted the slogan for peace. Mariam was an intelligent and motivated girl and she will remain alive in our memory forever,” Mariam’s friend Roshan Mohseni said.

Mariam was committed to peace and security being restored in her country and was always working in support of the security forces. She organized several shows to enhance awareness about the culture of tolerance, protection of children and women rights and peace. Her works were warmly welcomed among the people.

“Mariam worked together with us to enhance awareness about urban culture, peace and other topics, she was struggling hard and supported us. She was always saying that peace will be restored in Afghanistan,” Barish Sarwari, a colleague of Mariam Ibrahimi said.

The demise of Mariam has shocked her friends and family members including political analysts and civil society institutions.

Mohammad Ali Mohammadi:

Mohammad Ali Mohammadi is another victim of Wednesday’s attack. He was the only breadwinner of his family. He has left two small daughters behind. his family does not have a caretaker now.

His family members say that killing of the innocent civilians is against the Islamic teachings and it is a war crime.

Parents of Mohammad Ali Mohammadi who mourn the demise of their son say that Taliban are the enemy of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“What was the fault of my son and the girl?,” Karbalai Nabi, father of Mohammad Ali said. “They were working to fulfill the expenses of their families, they weren’t bad people and they were Muslims, they were working to earn a living for their families, but the people collected their bodies in a plastic bag, I pray those who killed my son be punished by Allah.”

“Have mercy on the innocent children who have lost their father, Taliban work on the order of the aliens and they do not take care of anyone,” Ghulam Nabi, Mohammad Ali’s brother said.

Mohammad Ali married four years ago and has two daughters named Setayesh and Sana aged one and two years old.

“My father has left for work and will not come back again,” the older daughter of Mohammad Ali Setayesh said when asked by her grandfather about her father.

Elaborating on the Taliban insurgency, family members of Mohammad said that the Taliban are weakened and such attacks will not demoralize the nation.

“We are honored to be killed on in way of our religion and our faith, in way of freedom. What was the fault of Mohammad Ali that they killed him and left his family without a caretaker,” Ali’s cousin Abdullah said.

The family of Mohammad Ali reiterated their determination to continue efforts for raising their voice for truth.

Hussian Amiri:

Hussain Amiri is another TOLO TV staff member killed in the Taliban attack on Wednesday. Her started his career with TOLO eight years ago and was the only breadwinner of his family.
He has left a six month old child behind and an ailing father. His mother is devastated by the demise of her son and is unable to talk and express her feelings.

His father says that he is ill and can not work.

“Hussain was my elder son and the only breadwinner of my family, I myself can not work, I am ill, his two younger brothers are students,” the father, Mohammad Juma said.

“Hussain was not associated to any party or group, he was working for his family, he was paying 7,000 Afs house rent, I will revenge the Taliban,” Hussain’s uncle Hajji Hussain said.

Hussain’s family lives in a rented house. It is not certain what future awaits them now.

Mehri Azizi:

A prayer ceremony was held in memory of TOLO TV staffer Mehri Azizi on Friday. Mehri was due to celebrate her engagement today. Her friends and family describe her as a kind and exceptional girl. She was motivated to learn and worked hard for a better future, but only memories of Mehri are now left.

Alongside her family and friends, she has been celebrated among social media activists after her demise and many have expressed their condolences and sympathies with her.

“Titles such as “The champion of freedom of speech” and slogan such as “Mehri is alive, we will continue her mission” have been witnessed among social media users which indicate support to TOLO TV and support of the people to media,” Afghan journalist Wakil Kohsar said.

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