Stanikzai Wants War Strategy Changed

The acting Minister of Defense Masum Stanikzai, who is in Nangarhar to assess the security situation, on Monday said the war strategy needs to change.

Stanikzai met with a number of tribal elders and residents of Kot district in Nangarhar where he termed killing of civilians in the province as part of foreign spy agencies’ plot.

“This is the enemy’s act which wants to create fear among the people under different pretexts,” Stanikzai said. “We should not let the enemy succeed in its plan,” he added.

He added military bases should be established in the areas which are cleared of militants.

“We should change the strategy of war. I will direct the security officials to stand alongside the people and not to leave them alone,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Salim Khan Kunduzi, the governor of Nangarhar said schools should be reopened and health centers and government departments should resume their activities in parts of the province.

“Anti-government elements have closed schools. They don’t want improvement in education. They have closed health centers. They don’t want peace for the people,” he said. “We should stop them.”

The Provincial Council and residents of Nangarhar meanwhile have asked the government to increase number of security forces and equip them with heavy weapons.

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