Stop Sending Militants to Afghanistan, Noor Tells Regional States

Atta Mohammad Noor, the governor Balkh province on Wednesday called on countries in the region to stop sending militants into Afghanistan.

He said if such countries stopped the practice, the Afghans would be able to maintain security in their country.

“If regional countries and countries further afield stopped training the terrorists, the Afghans will be able to maintain the ability to secure their own country,” said Noor.

“It is because of the secret activities by foreign intelligence forces that we, as a people, are victims of international terrorism,” he said.

Noor also called on leaders of National Unity Government, president Ashraf Ghani and his CEO Abdullah Abdullah, to work in unity and consensus to overcome insurgency and violence.

“Whether you are a president or a CEO, let unity work for Afghanistan. Think about saving the nation,” he told the country’s two leaders.

He added that “someone is busy in making money – some by appointing relatives to key positions, others by seeking income sources and some by thinking about having a palace” Noor said.

Residents of the province, offered their appreciation to the Balkh provincial government for better security measures during the Eid-al-Fitr festival

“The Eid prayer was conducted in peaceful environment. I wish a peaceful Eid to all people of Afghanistan,” Balkh resident Sadruddin said.

While Eid gatherings in Balkh were held in peace, a suicide attack in neighboring Sar-e-Pup province killed four civilians were killed wounded another.

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