Study Finds Madrassas Training Terrorists In Pakistan


Research carried out by a Pakistani researcher has found that Taliban and other terrorists are being trained at three large madrassas inside Pakistan, near military installations.

The issue was raised in a debate at Hudson Institute in the United States, where Afghan ambassador to the U.S Hamdullah Mohib and Pakistani researcher and journalist Dr. Mohammad Taqi participated.

The debate was hosted by Pakistan’s former ambassador to Washington, Husain Haqqani.

Taqi, who carried out the research, said the Haqqani and Panjpeer madrassas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Jamat-ul-Banuriya madrassa in Karachi city in Pakistan are the three main training centers of terrorists in that country.

“(Haqqani complex) is a sprawling complex all across the road with about 100,000 students there ,” he said adding that right next to it was a military unit of the Pakistani army.

In this debate, the Afghan ambassador said that this is the time for the world to put pressure on supporters of terrorism.

“International community, Afghanistan is a reliable partner and the best way to control terrorism is to put more pressure on those who use terrorism for political gain,” he said.

He added that the Taliban are now fearful however after the U.S extended the authorities of its troops in Afghanistan to target the insurgent group.

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