Suicide Bombing Rips Through Kabul Rally


Two explosions occurred Saturday afternoon at around 2.30pm at the Dehmazang Circle in Kabul city where thousands of demonstrators had gathered from early morning in protest over a planned power line project.

Early indications were that at least 20 people were killed and dozens wounded after three suicide bombers joined the crowd.

Police said one suicide bomber successfully detonated his explosives while the second bomb, which did explode, had been defective. The third bomber was killed by security force members at the scene before he could detonate his vest.

However, eyewitnesses said at least one bomber had been wearing a burqa.

Police told TOLOnews that among the injured were at least three police chiefs – from PD1, PD3 and PD6 in Kabul.

The horror attack was clearly visible within minutes of the blasts when photographs of the scene were posted to social media. It was immediately clear that the casualty toll would be high.

However, exact figures of casualties have not yet been confirmed.

Demonstrators gathered from early Saturday morning in protest over the planned 500kV power line project that government intends to roll out. The controversial project will see a new power line run from Turkmenistan through Salang to Kabul.

Protestors want the power line to be routed through Bamiyan instead.

Speaking to TOLOnews after the explosion, angry demonstrators said that they would continue to protest government’s move.

Government meanwhile overnight blocked off access to the city with shipping containers so as to prevent demonstrators from making their way to the presidential palace.

President Ashraf Ghani soon after condemned the attack and sent condolences to the victims and the families of victims.

According to a press release he has directed the NDS and Daoud Khan hospitals to do everything possible to help the victims.

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