Suicide Car Bomb Rocks Kabul Market Area, NATO Vehicle Targeted

A suicide car bomb rocked the busy 3rd Macroryan market near the Qazi Plaza in Kabul on Tuesday in what was the city’s third explosion of the day.

The suicide bombing reportedly targeted a NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) mission vehicle near a US compound at about 1.20pm. In a statement issued by RS it said all personnel were safe and accounted for. The blast took place about 200 meters from the Supreme Court building, which is also close to a school and a mosque.

Early eyewitness reports indicate that at least four people died. Senior health officials however have confirmed that 19 people, including three women and three children, were wounded in the explosion.

Eye witnesses say at least six civilian vehicles were destroyed in the blast while extensive damage was caused to nearby buildings and shops.

Security forces immediately cordoned off the area.

This followed two earlier IED blasts in the city.

The first blast occurred at about 10.30 am in Kart-e-Now. There were no reports of casualties. The second IED, believed to be a magnetic device attached to an army vehicle detonated about an hour later. Two children are believed to have been injured in that explosion.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility of the attack.

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