Suspected Female Daesh Fighter Arrested In Nangarhar

Officials said Monday that Afghan security forces in Jalalabad detained a female suspected of being a Daesh fighter – the first arrest of its kind since reports surfaced about the emergence of the hardline movement in Afghanistan.

Security forces arrested the woman, reported to be an Afghan, along with her son and brother in PD6 of the provincial capital Jalalabad, in Nangarhar, the police department confirmed.

The arrest took place during a military campaign against the insurgent group in the area.

A massive operation was launched in Nangarhar against Daesh on Monday.

“We confiscated [explosive] equipment which is controlled through mobile phones. If they had succeeded in their attacks, it would have caused major damage,” an Afghan police officer in Nangarhar said.

“The woman was arrested along with a rifle, bullets and weapons in PD6 of Jalalabad. Security forces also nabbed her son and brother in connection to her involvement with Daesh,” Nangarhar police chief Fazel Ahmad Shirzad said.


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