Takhar Mawlawi Asked To Apologize For Anti-Woman Remarks


Dozens of religious scholars in Takhar on Tuesday criticized Mawlawi Abdul Samad for his recent anti-women remarks and called on the province’s former head of the Ulema Council to apologize for his comments.

“Mawlawi Abdul Samad should apologize to all women in the country and he should not let the issue affect the trust and the place of religious scholars in society,” said Massoud-ul-Haq Haqnawaaz, the new head of Takhar Ulema Council.

“No one can violate the right and the position that has been given by Allah to women. Religious scholars should consider this fact,” he added.

They said the statement was against the principles of Islam.

“The statement made by Mawlawi Samad was his own remarks and it is against the teachings of Islam,” asid Ghulam Rabbani, a religious scholar in Takhar.

Another religious scholar, Abdul Ahad, said: “Women are honest and well-mannered in Afghanistan; therefore, they should not be insulted.”

TOLOnews’ Nematullah Ahmadi tried to speak to Takhar women about the issue, but they did not want comment due to what they called a fear of the Mawlawi.

Samad said in an interview with TOLOnews last week that he does not regret what he said and that he would continue to make such remarks.

He said last week that women were deficient and the most shameless people in the world.

Meanwhile, the new head of the council, Mawlawi Massoud-ul-Haq Haqnawaz, who was appointed on Monday after Samad was fired, said women form half of society and they must be respected.

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