Taliban Attack on Police Cadets Draws International Condemnation


Various countries as well as the United States and the United Nations on Friday strongly condemned the double suicide bombing by the Taliban against a convoy of busses carrying Afghan police cadets in Kabul on Thursday.

Thirty two cadets were killed and 53 others wounded.

The UN slammed Thursday’s attack on the police officers and said it was an unjustifiable crime. They called on all warring factions in Afghanistan to stop the bloodshed and respect human rights.

The U.S has said that the attack on police cadets was carried out because of the international support to Afghanistan particularly the support of the United States to the government and the people of Afghanistan.

“This incident during the holy month of Ramazan underscores the extremists’ complete disregard for human rights and the harm they continue to inflict on the Afghan people. Attacks like these are only deepening our support for the people and government of Afghanistan and their efforts for stability and security in their country,” U.S state department spokesman John Kirby said.

A day after the deadly attack, a number of wounded soldiers gave chilling accounts of the attack and questioned the policy of transporting large numbers of cadets simultaneously.

“There were two or three private individuals at the door of the academy, they took them (cadets) to the vehicles, they looked frightened, the suicide attackers targeted the fifth and first vehicles,” said one cadet, Esmatullah.

Meanwhile, some other wounded soldiers said that there is a possibility that it was a planned attack and certain elements from inside the police force had coordinated it.

“Two of my friends were sitting beside me and two others on the other side, when I saw them on the ground, they had been martyred,” another wounded soldier Khirad Aqa said.

Along with the UN, Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Brazil and other countries also condemned the attack on the police cadets and expressed their sympathies with the families of the victims.

India’s government has said that New Delhi is with the people of Afghanistan in their struggle against terrorism.

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