Taliban Gains Ground In Helmand

Taliban fighters are operating in more than 10 districts of southern Helmand province and are gaining ground there, said officials Tuesday.

A number of members of Helmand provincial council have said that Afghan security forces have control over three out of 14 districts in the province.

“Insecurity in Helmand is a matter of concern. The situation will worsen if no attention is paid by relative organizations,” said Abdul Majid Akhondzada Helmand provincial council member.

“We always sought attention for Helmand but it is not known why government has paid less attention to the province,” another member of Helmand provincial council, Hayatullah Mayar said.

Meanwhile, a number of senators voiced their concerns over the deteriorating security situation in the province and said there is a need for serious attention by the security agencies.

“We have contact with the people. The security situation in Helmand is really bad,” said Akhondzada a senator from Helmand.

“We repeat our call to government to pay serious attention to the security situation in the province and also help overcome the problems faced by security force members there.”

However, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Tuesday that security in Helmand is improving and that additional troops will get there soon.

“Helmand’s security is improving and our [security] forces have advanced in several parts,” said MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqqi.

“Joint special operations are underway in order to defeat militants. The enemy has suffered casualties in parts of Helmand,” he added.

Sediqqi said that special units of police from Logar and Kandahar provinces will be deployed to Helmand in order to help the troops there.

He said that the Interior Minister has sent a delegation to Helmand in order to assess security forces’ requirements there.

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