Taliban Insurgents Torch Homes of Helmand Policemen: Officials

Taliban insurgents have torched a number of houses belonging to police officers in Marja district of Helmand province, local officials said Friday.

Officials in the province said that these incidents took place after Taliban insurgents over ran Camp Bazar in Marja district a few days ago.

However, security forces have retaken Camp Bazar but some areas close to Marja district center are still under Taliban control.

“When the insurgents came here they set our houses on fire,” a local police officer said.

Another policeman said: “We fight the Taliban like men but they commit such actions. They set fire to my brother’s garden.”

Marja district has been the scene of heavy clashes between security forces and insurgents over the past few days.

“In a bid to defend their area, residents of the Marja district have joined commander Mawollah (local police commander in Marja) and these residents are defending their district and their dignity,” Hashim Alkozai a senator said.

However, clashes in Helmand in general have been ongoing for more than a month in some parts of the province.

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