Taliban Kill Four Civilian Hostages In Lashkargah

Helmand 17 August 2016

The bodies of four civilians, including two teenagers, were found in southern Helmand province after the Taliban allegedly abducted them a week ago, said provincial governor Hayatullah Hayat.

The victims, all from Lashkargah city, were abducted from the Lashkargah-Gerishk highway area a week ago.

The families of the two teenage boys that were killed also confirmed that the Taliban killed the “innocent” boys.

“The works of the Taliban are against Islam and my brother and his colleagues were innocent. So why kill them? It’s clear that Taliban are working for Pakistan’s intelligence (Inter-Services Intelligence – ISI),” said Ahmadullah, the brother of one of the victims.

The two boys were between 13 and 14 years-old and both were laborers, according to officials. No details were released on the other two victims.

“We want justice and the government must destroy the murderers of our relatives,” said a relative of one victim, Shayestagi.

Civilians are paying a heavy price in the ongoing war in the province.

On Tuesday, a number of missiles landed in Lashkargah, killing a civilian and injuring several others, according to officials.

“It is very clear that Taliban is working for a goal and for someone. These people were innocent that were killed, so we will take revenge for our sons,” Hayat said.

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