Taliban Kills 16 Members Of One Kunduz Family

Kunduz residents have spoken out about their terrifying ordeal at the hands of the Taliban last week, with one resident telling how he lost 16 family members to insurgents in just one incident.

Rahim Gul told TOLOnews reporter Wali Arian that “the Taliban has committed unforgivable crimes”.

The clearly emotional man said 16 members of his family were killed in a rocket attack.

“The Taliban confiscated 40 hectares of my land and burned our house down. We left and went to another house but again the Taliban hit our house – with a rocket. Some of my children are now seriously wounded and the others are dead,” he said.

Another resident, who escaped the city after last Monday’s siege, has since returned to the city to check on his house. He said his son was also killed by the Taliban. He said: “The Taliban was shooting people in public.”

“The Taliban killed two people in front of my eyes. One of them was carrying a wounded person,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dawlat Waziri, deputy spokesman for the ministry of defense, said on Tuesday that military forces are providing health care services to the sick and injured in Kunduz city.

Ministery of Interior spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said that clearance operations continue and that eight insurgents were killed on Tuesday during clashes with security forces.

However officials have still not revealed casualty figures following nine days of fighting in the city.

The Taliban attacked the Afghan strategic town of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan last Monday. The siege lasted six days until Afghan security forces managed to wrest the city back for the insurgents.

But at least 6,000 people have been left homeless after fleeing the city last week, said local officials.

The majority of those who left the city sought refuge in Badakhshan, Kabul, Takhar and Baghlan provinces, officials said.

Reacting to the fall of Kunduz, rights groups on Sunday accused insurgents of committing major crimes during the siege and called for the perpetrators behind the attack to be brought to justice.

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