Taliban Members Returning With Refugees From Pakistan: MoI

Sediq Seddiqi, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Sunday that Pakistan’s intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), is sending Taliban members back to Afghanistan as return refugees.

“We are worried about such conspiracies and plans and will do everything to prevent Taliban families from entering the country under the name of refugees,” he said.

Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR) meanwhile said using the refugees for political and military purposes is against international migration laws and human rights.

“Using the refugees for military, security and political purposes is against migration and human rights laws and it should be stopped,” said Hafiz Ahmad Miakhel, media advisor to MoRR.

MoRR also said intelligence departments should identify Taliban members at the Afghan-Pakistan border and stop them from entering Afghanistan.

“Intelligence committees exist on the border alongside other committees and intelligence committee should pursue the issue seriously,” said Mehr Khuda Sabar, head of the department for internally displaced people at the MoRR.

Nearly 60 percent of return refugees from Pakistan have been settled in eastern parts of the country. But the number of suspected Taliban members in the areas has raised serious concerns.

“If around 100 to 200 Taliban families are being settled in every district, they will draw the people to themselves and then fighting with Taliban will be difficult,” said Abdul Wadood Paiman, an MP.

Nearly 985,000 refugees returned to the country this year – 610,000 of them from Pakistan.

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