Taliban Operating Under Daesh Flag: Army Chief

During a visit to the eastern province of Nangarhar on Saturday, Afghan army chief Maj. General Qadam Shah Shaheem said that militants in the area who operate as Daesh are associated to Taliban. He said only the flag has changed.

Meanwhile, the commander of 201st Selab (Flood) Corps of the Afghan National Army, general Zaman Waziri said that the Afghan National Army was on high alert and ready to confront Daesh in areas where it operates.

A few days ago, Daesh fighters in Nangarhar province banned women from leaving their homes unless they had a Sharia reason.

In the wake of growing security threats in Nangarhar, the army chief visited the province where he held talks with local security officials and soldiers deployed in the area.

“The Taliban has lost its popularity among the people of Afghanistan by plotting explosions, suicide attacks and destructive activities. Therefore the Taliban has changed its face and labeled themselves Daesh,” Shaheem said.

General Shaheem instructed his forces in the area to do everything necessary to combat the militants in the province.

“I want to reiterate that you [ANA] should fight Daesh with the same sprit you fought the Taliban and eliminate them,” Shaheem said.

Joining the army chief, Waziri also instructed the security forces to be prepared to fight the militants.

“On behalf of the security forces in the eastern zone, I assure you that we are completely ready to foil the plots of the militants,” Waziri said.

This comes just a week after Daesh in Nangarhar issued a four article pamphlet in which the group banned women from leaving their homes and told tribal elders to settle disputes through Daesh councils instead of through Jirgas.

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