Taliban Partially Seize Military Base in Warduj: Official

About 40 Afghan Local Police (ALP) members and border guards have reportedly surrendered to the Taliban after the insurgents partially seized a joint military base in Warduj district in northeastern Badakhshan on Saturday.

The remaining security force members at the base in Teergaran village are under siege, said the head of Badakhshan Provincial Council.

Meanwhile, security officials warn if government does not send in reinforcements, the remaining troops in the base stand a chance of being captured by the Taliban.

The attack launched Friday night after the insurgents opened fire on the base from four different angles, a spokesman for Badakhshan Police Chief, Lal Mohammad Ahmadzai said earlier in the day.

“The insurgents on Thursday also attacked the military base but escaped after clashing with the security forces.” He said. “Now the insurgents have surrounded the military base and heavy clashes continue.”

In addition, acting governor Shah Waliullah Adib has also warned that “if the government does not send in more troops to the area, Warduj will fall into the hands of the Taliban.”

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