Taliban Rapes Girls At Hostel After Kunduz Attack


Military officials in northern Kunduz province have claimed that Taliban militants raped girls at a hostel after attacking the Kunduz city facility.

The officials also claim that the insurgents, after entering other areas of the city, carried out the same atrocity against female residents and killed some of their victims.

TOLOnews reporter, Wali Arian who has visited the hostel, says insurgents also destroyed the hostel building.

He says that after entering the hostel, the Taliban reportedly raped a number of girls who were there at the time.

Sayed Iqbal Sadat, an army officer, said: “Some girls were remaining here and the residents confirmed that such a thing had happened.”

Wali Arian meanwhile says that nothing at the hostel has been left untouched by the Taliban – not even the girls’ religious books.

Some officials say that a number of girls were also killed by insurgents at the hostel.

“We received information from our intelligence sources that girls were killed but we have not seen anybody to confirm it,” another army officer Mohammad Safdar Andarabi said.

Army officials believe that a modus operandi of the Taliban is to destroy everything in their wake.

Army commander, Ahmad Habibi, said: “Unfortunately, what the Taliban are doing now are all against the Islamic teachings.”

Kunduz city was captured by the Taliban 10 days ago but was later retaken by Afghan security forces after they started a large scale clearance operation.

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