Taliban Seize 60 Villages in Kunduz's Khan Abad District

Taliban insurgents have launched coordinated attacks in Khan Abad district of northern Kunduz province and seized about 60 villages, local officials said on Wednesday.

Hayatullah Amiri, District Governor of Khan Abad said that “we need reinforcements to re-take control of the villages. Right now the security forces are in a defensive position.”

Meanwhile, the residents of Khan Abad have accused government of neglecting the situation and said that “everyday there are clashes in different parts of the district but government is not paying attention to the security situation.”

“In the past several months there have been clashes in districts and Kunduz city. Every day the Taliban move closer to the city but the government is not paying attention. If it continues like this, Kunduz city will soon fall into the hands of the Taliban,” said a tribal elder of Khan Abad, Ali “Qomandan Ali” said.

Enayatullah Amiri, another resident said that “everyday there is war in this district and people lose their lives. Why are the Kunduz Governor and the President not paying attention?”

But military forces fighting insurgents in Khan Abad district have said that “the government is not giving permission to launch attacks on the Taliban – otherwise we have the capacity to eliminate the Taliban”.

“The Taliban are not able to get ahead of us and if the government gives us permission we will eliminate the insurgents in anywhere,” a military soldier said.

In the past month Kunduz has become one of the more insecure provinces in the country as the insurgents become more active and attack military outposts.

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