Taliban Split, Weakened After Double Blow, Says Raziq


The insurgent Taliban has been weakened after the deaths of its founder Mullah Mohammad Omar and former leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, says General Abdul Raziq, police chief of Kandahar province.

As a result of their leaders’ demise, the Taliban has split into factions, he said.

Raziq added that while Taliban is faced with rifts within their leadership ranks, the same applied to the National Unity Government (NUG).

“Taliban is faced with internal rifts, as is then case with the NUG leaders. They [Taliban] have been divided into factions and are caught up in trying to overcome their differences. This has weakened the rebel group,” he told TOLOnews.

Raziq urged Taliban to quit the insurgency and join the peace process.

With reference to Eid, the police chief vowed to ensure tight security for Kandahar during the period.

“We have taken serious measures for the Eid days. We call on Kandahar residents to cooperate with security forces to ensure better security in the province,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Kandahar residents also called on the warring sides to announce a ceasefire during Eid days.

“The security forces have taken serious measures over the past week. We call on police and other security force members to come up with similar efforts in other provinces as well,” said Sayed Ahmad, a resident of Kandahar.

“We urge the warring sides to announce a ceasefire at least for one week and let the people celebrate the Eid festival in peace,” said Ahmad Shah, also resident of Kandahar.

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