Taliban Storm Faryab Capital


Taliban insurgents on Sunday night attacked Maimana, the capital of Faryab province, from three directions, security officials said.

According to the officials Taliban insurgents attacked the army base and airport in Maimana but were pushed back by the Afghan security forces.

The officials said Taliban attacked from north, north west and western sides of the city.

According to the officials insurgents fled to their bases to Khaja Sahib Posh and Pashtun Kot districts after being pushed back.

So far there is no report of casualties from the attack.

Taliban attacked the city after First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum, who is leading the ongoing war against insurgents in Faryab, said more than 7,000 Daesh fighters are trying to make their way to the northern provinces for the next fighting season.

He said his trip to Faryab is aimed at preventing insurgents from entering the province.

Reports indicate that nearly 17 security force members including five security guards of Dostum were killed and 21 others wounded in Qaisar district of the province on clashes in the past few days.

Taliban recently intensified their attacks across the country.

Recently Taliban insurgents intensified their attacks in Helmand, Farah, Uruzgan, Baghlan and Kunduz provinces, but the Taliban has sustained heavy casualties.

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