Taliban Storm Police Check Post On Outskirts Of Kabul


Several Taliban militants launched a coordinated attack on a police check post in a western Kabul suburb on Sunday, storming the check point from several directions – leaving an Afghan National Police (ANA) officer dead and three others wounded.

The attack took place in Qala Haidar Khan area of the city near the Kampani Bridge.

However, Kabul police headquarters has not released details of the encounter, but eye witnesses at the scene told TOLOnews that a gun battle, with light and heavy weapons, lasted between the two sides over a period of 30 minutes.

The check point is located in Paghman district alongside the Kabul-Kandahar highway. The security forces did not allow media to take footage of the check post, but reporters in the area said the encounter caused some damage.

“I am surprised how a coordinated attack happened at the check post, one officer has been killed and three officers were wounded,” a local resident Jaffar said.

“It was around 1:00 am, we were sleeping and heard the exchange of gun fire suddenly. We were afraid. Every kind of weapon was used in the encounter,” another resident Mohammad Asif said.

Meanwhile, citizens have said that launching coordinated attacks in the capital would have negative repercussions in future.

“The attack was really horrific, people are afraid when attacks on this scale happen in the capital,” a resident of Kabul Shah Wali said.

Residents have asked the government to step up efforts and improve security in the city.

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