Taliban Threats Fail to Deter Badakhshan Residents


The People of Badakhshan are determined to live and enjoy their lives in spite of daily threats they face from ongoing Taliban insurgency.

In a conscious effort to enjoy life, they flock to and spend happy moments at picnic sites along the banks of the Kokcha River outside Faizabad, the center of the northern province.

Our TOLOnews reporter in Badakhshan reports that residents of the province are, by defying the threats and militancy in society, still place their hope in a bright future. They spend summer nights in green areas along the river and revel in the fresh climate and nature’s beauty.

The Kokcha River is one of the main picnic areas in Badakhshan where the people from all walks of life gather for amusement. They continue to appeal to armed insurgents to renounce violence and join their peaceful ways of life.

Although concerned of the daily threats they face, residents look ahead hoping for a peaceful Afghanistan. Every year, dozens of families from various parts of Badakhshan travel miles away from Faizabad to spend happy moments in the hills and green belts of the province.

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