Taliban's Designated Spy Chief Arrested In Baghlan


Taliban’s designated spy chief, Qari Zahir was arrested by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) operatives on Sunday, officials said. He was on his way from Baghlan to Kabul in a police vehicle when he was arrested.

Baghlan officials said that Zahir was recently wounded in military action by security forces in the province and that he wanted to travel to the country’s capital when he was caught.

Taliban’s designated governor for Baghlan wanted to take Zahir to Kabul and then to Pakistan with the alleged help of Wardak police chief.

According to reports, relatives of Wardak police chief were also in the vehicle transporting the wounded Qari Zahir.

“Qari Khalid [Taliban’s designated governor for Baghlan] took me to the main street this morning [Sunday morning]. He made a phone call. A [police] Ranger vehicle came and I got in to it. I did not talk with anyone in the car,” Taliban’s spy chief said.

“We were in Pul-e-Doshi area [in Baghlan] when we were stopped and arrested by the NDS operatives. The NDS officials recognized me after they looked at my (wounded) hand,” he said.

“The NDS today has arrested the designated spy chief of Taliban. It is unfortunate that this man was arrested while traveling in a police vehicle,” confirmed Safdar Mohseni, chairman of the Baghlan provincial council. Baghlan officials said the incident will be investigated thoroughly.

“Qari Zahir was the designated spy chief for the rebel group [Taliban]. According to him, he was being taken to Kabul for treatment and intended to go to Pakistan. He was transported in a police vehicle,” said Baghlan governor Abdul Satar Bariz.

Qari Zahir is a resident of Dahane Ghori district in Baghlan and has confessed in primary investigations that he was involved in most of attacks in the province.

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