TAWDE KHABARE: Efforts Underway to Revive Peace Talks: Pakistan's Aziz

Pakistan’s adviser to the prime minister on foreign affairs and national security Sartaj Aziz on Tuesday informed the Senate that efforts were being made for the resumption of peace talks between the Afghan Taliban and the Afghan government, local media reported.

Aziz said the announcement about Mullah Omar’s death had caused the suspension of the talks. He stated that now Mullah Omar’s son, Mullah Yaqoub, had himself confirmed that his father had never left Afghanistan, had died of tuberculosis and hepatitis and was buried in Afghanistan, reported Pakistan’s Dawn News.

Responding to a question regarding the resumption of the stalled peace process, Aziz said it now depends on the Afghan government, and they can resume the process if they are willing to.

In this episode of TAWDE KHABARE, host Shahpor Bakhtyar discusses the topic with the following guests,

Nasir Ahmad Taraki, university lecturer
Fatana Geelani, Chairman of Afghan Women Association
Mohammad Natiqi, member of the delegation for peace talks with Taliban

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