TAWDE KHABARE: Ghani-Abdullah Political Rift Discussed


Despite a number of face-to-face meetings between President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah, there are some reports that the two officials have still not been able to resolve their disputes.

On Sunday, deputy spokesman for the CEO stated that the two leaders have met several times over the past few days, but no final decision was made on how to settle their disagreements.

The statement comes at a time that disputes between Ghani and his first VP general Abdul Rashid Dostum have also not been resolved.

In this episode of Tawde Khabare, host Zabi Sadat discusses the topic with the following guests

Gulalai Noor Safai, MP

Dawoud Asas, advisor to CEO

Ali Mohammad, former commander of public uprising force in Kunduz


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